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Tourkre is a Uttarakhand Government registered expedition/tour company with over a decade of experience in eco-tourism. We are an independent ultimate outdoor adventure team, based in Uttarakhand, who explore and experience the unspoiled flora, fauna and landscapes of the towering Himalayas as well as the treasures of India.Let us guide you on the journey of a lifetime..

Our management as well as all guides and other employees have hands on experience on the in trekking, managing base camp services, climbing and mountaineering services, guiding, organizing and managing individual and group trekking and expeditions. .

Our main aim is to market the strength of journey and channelize the facility within the majority positive manner and to move the youth in straight contact with hardship and learn the suggests that to beat them offer in by wildlife and of route existence.

Uttarakhand journey the land of terribly wealthy civilization and inheritance, forever has been a most popular purpose for someone everywhere the globe. Uttrakhand the land of all beauty wherever the royal mountains ranges become you, the land of god and goddesses the land of spiritualist secrecy has forever welcome the corporate with open arms and balmy welcome.

1000+ Travel Experiences more than 50 Destinations in India.

In Uttarakhand, we're known for our excellent tour and travel services.

Higher support staff and small groups for a safer trek. Your itinerary is travel insured.

Best in class trek guides and support staff to ensure you enjoy the journey thoroughly.

We guarantee our clients receive services in the most accurate way.

We offer a commitment to quality in all aspects of the products and services we represent to you.

A Little About Us

Our more than two decades of mountain experiences, whatever be your goal and whatever your condition, make it happen. We assure our customers of a high quality services, ultimate satisfaction, security and safety. We never stop exploring new unspoiled destinations and pioneering new routes.Honesty and simplicity are vital slogans of Tourkre Our fully equipped and insured guides and Sherpas will never tire to make your holiday one of your most memorable, remarkable and valuable experiences.
Our trekking team has more than 10 years route experience in remote adventure, peak climbing, expeditions, culture and nature research, whatever your condition we will help you to achieve your final goal. We believe in adventure beyond the fun. We are more specialized in unbeaten and unspoiled nature finder trekking operator.

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