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Tourkre is a Uttarakhand-based local travel company specializing in nature, culture, adventure and research. Our management as well as all guides and other employees have hands on experience on the in trekking, managing base camp services, climbing and mountaineering services, guiding, organizing and managing individual and group trekking and expeditions. Our more than two decades of mountain experiences, whatever be your goal and whatever your condition, make it happen. We assure our customers of a high quality services, ultimate satisfaction, security and safety. We never stop exploring new unspoiled destinations and pioneering new routes. We help our guests choose from varied itineraries only those routes which allow them to soak up the atmosphere, visit ancient heritages, get up close with personal with pristine cultures and step inside to experience life as the “mountain people”. We go the extra mile to ensure that those who travel with us receive nothing less than the best service and feel a sense of comfort as they become a part of our family.

1000+ Travel Experiences more than 50 Destinations in India.

In Uttarakhand, we're known for our excellent tour and travel services.

Higher support staff and small groups for a safer trek. Your itinerary is travel insured.

Best in class trek guides and support staff to ensure you enjoy the journey thoroughly.

We guarantee our clients receive services in the most accurate way.

We offer a commitment to quality in all aspects of the products and services we represent to you.

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