About Kedarnath

The holy site of Kedarnath dham can be reached only by trekking through a 16 kilometres long trek, starting from Gaurikund. From Gaurikund, it is a 4 kilometres trek to Jungle Chatti via the Rambara Bridge. This part of Kedarnath temple trek will let you enjoy a lenient trail and will not demand much energy.Believed to have been originally constructed thousands of years ago by the Pandavas, this age-old shrine was refurbished by Adi Shankaracharya. Surrounded by lofty snow-covered mountains and adorned by the picturesque Mandakini river snaking before it, this temple receives lakhs of pilgrims from all over the world every year..

  • Difficulty : Easy to Moderate
  • Best time to visit : May to June and again from September to October
  • Temparature : Day time: 13°C to 18°C; Night time: 9°C to 4°C
  • Hightest Altitude : 12,073 Ft.

About Kedarnath

Kedarnath For devout Hindus, Kedarnath is one of the holiest pilgrimages. It is located at the head of the Mandakini River in the breathtaking Garhwal Himalayan scenery. Lord Shiva, the guardian and destroyer, is also known as Kedar. The shrine of Kedarnath is surrounded by high, snow-capped mountains and grassy meadows that blanket the valleys during the summer. Kedarnath is located in the Himalayas at an elevation of 3,583 metres (11,755 feet) above sea level, near the Chorabari Glacier, the Mandakini’s source. The Chopta Tungnath trek leads to one of the world’s biggest Shiva temples and Uttarakhand’s highest Panch Kedar temple. This 1000-year-old Shiva temple is located at 3,680 metres (12,073 feet) above sea level, just below Chandrashila’s peak..

There are thousands of Shiva temples in India, but the Char Dham yatra (four pilgrim journeys) holds a special place and importance in Hinduism. Kedarnath is one of the four pilgrims. It is a must-visit for all people having faith in Lord Shiva. Also amongst the twelve Jyotirling, the holy Kedarnath temple is of uttermost importance. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience of divinity, faith, and spirituality. The word Kedar means “fields” and Nath means “lord” meaning lord of the fields. Kedarnath is 223 kms. from Rishikesh. It is situated at the height of 3583 mtrs. The temple is located in the Garhwal Himalayan range of Uttarakhand, India. Before 2013 there was an old route that passed from Rambada, but due to the massive flash floods, this route got destroyed and now not accessible for the trek. Hence a new route is now formed to reach Kedarnath temple.

Once you complete your upward Kedarnath trekking journey and reach the holy shrine, you will be welcomed by the spellbinding architecture of the Kedarnath Temple and the mesmerizing views of the surrounding snow-clad Himalayan mountain peaks....

vehicle Pickup Drop Destini
Maruti Ertiga Tour-7 seater Dehradun/Delhi Dehradun/Delhi Dehradun-200Km
van Dehradun/Delhi Dehradun/Delhi Dehradun-200Km
taxi Dehradun/Delhi Dehradun/Delhi Dehradun-200Km
bus Dehradun/Delhi Dehradun/Delhi Dehradun-200Km
bike Dehradun/Delhi Dehradun/Delhi Dehradun-200Km

By Air :-

  • Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport to Kedarnath situated at a distance of 238kms. Jolly Grant Airport is well connected to Delhi with daily flights. Gaurikund is well connected by motorable roads with Jolly Grant Airport. Taxis are available from Jolly Grant Airport to Gaurikund.

By rail :-

  • Rishikesh Railway Station is the nearest railway head from Kedarnath. Located about 210 km from Gaurikund, Rishikesh Railway Station is well connected to almost all the major cities of India and has a regular trains on a daily basis.

By Road :-

    Following is the driving distance chart to Kedarnath from various cities and towns in Uttarakhand and from Delhi NCR Region (New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad).

  • Delhi to Kedarnath- 457 kms
  • Ghaziabad to Kedarnath: 436 kms
  • Noida to Kedarnath: 459 kms
  • Gurgaon to Kedarnath: 491 kms
  • Meerut to Kedarnath: 405 kms
  • Modinagar to Kedarnath: 413 kms
  • Moradabad to Kedarnath: 316 kms
  • Chandigarh to Kedarnath: 432 kms
  • Bareilly to Kedarnath: 489 kms
  • Kanpur to Kedarnath: 762 kms
  • Lucknow to Kedarnath: 754 kms
  • Shimla to Kedarnath: 493 kms
  • Jaipur to Kedarnath: 730 kms

Kedarnath Location

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